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Quality Ultra-fine Zinc Oxide Powders

Zinc Oxide Applications

  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sunscreen and Sunblock Manufacturers
  • Outdoor Wood treatment
  • Cream Thickener

About our Zinc Oxide Powders

Leaves a invisible UV barrier on your skin ( No whitish tinge or ghosting )

We source naturally occurring Zincite ( Zinc Oxide ) and through a unique 3 stage process we produce Zinc Oxide powders in the 20 to 200 Nano-meter range.

Our product is thoroughly tested in all stages of production to ensure zero heavy metal contaminants.

Our Zinc Oxide is exported to all the corners of the globe.

Our Zincite is locally sourced from South African mines and is then locally processed ensuring that you as the end user get the cheapest possible price for fine Zinc Oxide powders .

Due to the fact we buy straight from Zinc ore mines we cut out the "middle man" and can produce world standard Zinc Oxide powders at the market leading price.

Highest Level of Quality and Batch Traceability Guaranteed

  • Each batch tested via X-Ray Diffraction as to particle size
  • The Raw Zinc Oxide is tested via ICP/MS for other contaminants before being processed further
  • World wide unique production method leads to a consistent product
  • Qualified chemists supervise every stage of processing
  • We work with our customers to fulfill your Zinc Oxide powder requirements
  • Conventional milling of Zinc Oxide for larger particle size is available
  • Strict adherence to quality assurance programs
  • Worldwide the Cheapest supplier of nano zinc

Small orders are catered for

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